Canes in the Courtyard: Thanksgiving Edition

Ethan Clark, Staff Reporter

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Question: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food or dish?

Donevan A.- “Stuffing, always tastes good no matter how its made”

Greg B.- “Turkey and cute girls <3”

Ms. Gailey- “Mac n’ cheese”

Nigel M.- “Green beans, tomatoes or potatoes.”

Brett B.- “Mashed potatoes”

Rebecca G.- “Pumpkin pie”

Briana G.- “Turkey with mac and cheese”

Silvestie G.- “Cheesecake”

Esteban R.- “Cheesecake”

Adam C.- “Ham”

Morgan A.- “Green bean casserole”

Danny M.- “Turkey”

Rudy B.- “Green bean casserole”

Essence C.- “Green bean casserole”

Bennitt C.- “Mashed potatoes”

Audrey L.- “Sweet potato casserole”

Riley T.- Mashed Potatoes”

Mary C.- “Turkey”

Garrett P.- “Gravy”

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Ethan Clark, Staff Reporter

Ethan Clark is a senior reporter at Manatee High School, who loves history, writing, and video games. He doesn't go outside much, but you can be sure that...

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Canes in the Courtyard: Thanksgiving Edition