Just Saiyan, you should join the Anime Club


Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

There are a wide assortment of clubs, such as the Drama Club and Key Club, each with their own purpose and message they want to spread. Filled with devoted members, taking time out of their day to be apart of something. However, there is one that takes a step away from the formalities of traditional clubs. Nonetheless, even over all that time the club has continued to promote original values and welcome all members that pass through. This is the Anime-Anonymous Club.

Before starting, anime is a form of Japanese animation, anime being an abbreviation for animation. Anime comes in many forms, including television shows, video games and even movies like the academy award winning film Spirited Away. Anime has been around in Japan since the early seventies but gained popularity in America around the early nineties due to the adult swim program Toonami. Toonami is responsible for bringing over animes from Japan like Naruto, an anime with a cult level status. All in all, anime is a nostalgic part of many people’s life, no matter if they are Japanese or American, old or young.

Students meet every Tuesday after school and share their interests in anime, video games, and any type of pop culture. Anime-Anonymous is hosted by Mr. Haas; first starting the club October 2003. A nicely filled group of students, all with different preferences in anime, for instance, Gabby Smith, a freshmen member of the club, whose favorite anime right now is the widely popular My Hero Academia.

Club member, Britney Gomez-Manzano’s favorite anime right now, Attack on Titan. Source: Epbot

“I grew up watching anime, such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Pokémon. I feel like anime brings us together with some really cool people. And it shapes a lot of people,” stated Anime Anonymous club member, Britney Gomez-Manzano when asked why she likes Anime.

The Anime-Anonymous Club was deciding if they wanted to make official club t-shirts and what logos club members can draw for the shirts. Along with t-shirt ideas, the members threw around a few suitable date for their yearly lock in. The yearly Lock In has been a tradition for the club for years. Members are even allowed to bring parents to chaperone and join on the fun.

“The Anime-Anonymous club is more accepting and open minded. A judgement-free zone,” stated club member Lexi Miclisse.

Not all members agree that Dragon Ball Z or Naruto: Shippuden is the best Anime ever, but in the end they all are opened to hearing about other member’s recommendations of what anime they should watch next or what game they should play.

Next time students are looking to experience something new, where everyone is accepted, they should take a quick detour over to the Anime-Anonymous Club and join.  as freshmen club member Elijah Kennedy said, “You should join because you’ll get a lot of good friends.”