The Any Book Book Club

Tori Watson, Staff Reporter

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By: Tori Watson, Staff Reporter

The Any Book Book club is an after school program designed by Mrs. Roff, the school librarian, and Mrs. Green, an English teacher.  The club is based on students who enjoy reading and would like to share books that they are currently or wanting to read with a group. The club is not theme based, so every student may come with a different book and according to Mrs.Green this is okay. Club meetings take place every third Thursday of each month. Mrs. Roff hopes to expand the club to many more students, so if attendance is an consideration make sure to bring a friend!

The Any Book Book club was first introduced on the announcements in early November. The first meeting was just a run down of what the club would be, when the club meetings were, and what students thought of having it be a theme based or non theme based book club.  Mrs. Green and Mrs. Roff wanted to start the book club because,

“We believe in the joy of independent reading that goes beyond studying a book in the classroom.”

The club started after another reading club opened called “Florida Teen Reads.” The difference between the clubs is that certain books are chosen to be read in the Florida Teen reads, but any book can be chosen for the Any Book Book club. The question “What do you hope to achieve by pursuing this club?” was asked to Mrs. Roff. She answered for both Mrs. Green and herself,

“Mrs.Green and I want to give students a chance to express their love of books and share new titles with others, reading is fun!”

From the first meeting to the second meeting the number of members attended increased tremendously. The word expanded to more students then before, and students even came in with groups of one or two friends. Mrs. Roff and Mrs. Green do plan to continue the club if they see that students enjoy the club.

“I will say if students want a club like this we will continue, we hope it grows” said Mrs. Roff.



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Tori Watson, Staff Reporter

Tori Watson is a sophomore at Manatee High School, she enjoys reading and participates in the National Honors Society. She loves to scrapbook in her spare...

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The Any Book Book Club