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Christmas chronicles review

Christmas chronicles review

December 18, 2018

Netflix’s exciting, new original movie, Christmas Chronicles, is not a typical Christmas movie. As siblings Kate and Teddy create a plan to capture video footage of Santa, they end up almost ruining Christmas. In order to save the holiday, they join forces with Santa to help him find his reindeer, sack and hat. The siblings also help fix his sleigh and deliver the presents around the world. They have to do all of that before the Christmas spirit goes astray.

Kurt Russel as Santa Clause. Photo credit: Polygon

In the process of saving Christmas, Santa gets into a little trouble. He manages to “borrow” an already stolen car, get into a high speed chase, end up in jail and bust himself out. To add to that, the elves cause the down fall of what we can assume is a large illegal drug operation. This is what separates the movie from other Christmas movies. Santa is seen as a jolly old man who always does the right thing. In this movie, however, he tends to bend the rules and break the typical Santa image. Which is honestly a brilliant idea.

Judah Lewis as Teddy Pierce (right) and Darby Camp as Kate Pierce (left). Photo credit: Hollywood Reporter

This is an adventure movie but there is a sentimental aspect as well. This Christmas was difficult for Kate and Teddy because it is their first Christmas without their father.  Their father was a firefighter who died by going back into a fire to save people.  Teddy had a strong relationship with his father and the last time he had a conversation was an argument. Teddy is obviously upset about what had happened and throughout the story, viewers get hints on how he wants to tell his father something that he did not get the chance to say. In the end, viewers do end up finding out what he wanted to say.

The movie has a well written flow, provides the viewers the right amount of background information and what caused the problem along with the thought process of solving the problem. Then a happy ending for everyone.

On top of that, the effects and costumes were on point. The effects seemed beyond realistic on the reindeer and elves. They were so good that it shows each piece of fur and there eyes where life like. The costumes had phenomenal detail and helped develop the characters perfectly.

Overall, this atypical Christmas movie is highly recommend for families.

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