Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


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Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

Now a Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature

(no spoilers for the film Spider-Man: into the Spider-Verse)

Being claimed as the best Spider-Man film to date, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97%,  Spider-Man: into the Spider-Verse is an exceptional film with breathtaking animation, lovable characters and a fantastic heart felt story. From the minds that brought film goers The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street Phil Lord and Christopher Miller took inspiration from the many versions of the Spider comics and succeeded in making this movie feel as if one is actually watching a moving Marvel comic.

The movie takes place in New York on Earth 1610 and is about teenager Miles Morales who is bitten by a radioactive spider, soon leading him along with other spider people and a spider pig to save his dimension and their own dimensions from ultimate destruction.

“The visuals were stunning and creative in a way no other animated movie has tried before. Not to mention the writing was superb.” Evren Rogers 10th grader.

In a seeming short hour and forty minutes into the movie, a colorful cast of characters are introduced that connects to the audience. Miles who is confused and distraught and in tight position of running away or doing what is right, completely relatable with the viewers. Other characters such as Penni Parker and Peter B. Parker brought something new to the film too. Peter is the mentor in this story but he is so different from the typical guides one would see in film, bringing humor and a sense of relief to the audience watching.

Source: Imbd
Characters: Gwen Stacy, Penni Parker, Miles Morales, Peter B. Parker, Spider Nior, Spider-Ham Source: Imbd

The plot of Into the Spider-Verse is completely original compared to other hero films. There is a group of villains trying to stop Miles and company from saving the day but how the film focuses less on villains and more on the characters solving the overall problem is something few have seen in a film. The climax of this story was also packed and original. When watching the climax, the viewers were surprised how the problem was solved because it was not anything like the end of Captain America or The Dark Knight, which was full of despair and a tragic turn. Many considered this the perfect conclusion for the film.


Another note meant to be focused on was the plot twists. there were the normal amount one would see in any action-packed movie, however, they all hit home hard and tremendously affected the characters development. Even with all the little hints being pointed to in the film, no one would know till it actually happened and when this happen the whole theater got emotional.

One of the reasons this film is so loved by critics and audiences is the humor. When seeing a movie written by Rodney Rothman and Phil Lord, writers known for comedy movies, most would expect the film to have some laughs stored in it. This movie did not fail and did just that. The two characters, Spider-Ham and Spider Noir, played by comedian John Mulaney and actor Nick Cage, were definitely a comedic duo made in heaven for this movie. Whenever these two were in a scene together, the viewers were bound to laugh at some point.

The heart and emotion this film provides are stunning, especially seeing the evolution of one character going from unsure to utterly confident in the short span of the movie. With some films it takes a trilogy before the viewers get emotionally attached to the characters, not this film though. The running time is an hour and 57 minutes, which is not that long compared to the two and a half hour D.C. or Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Clearly this film is getting showered with praises by all critics for its original take on heroes and rightfully so it has accomplished everything a movie should do to gain success. The narrative, characters, animation and humor of this tale combined with experienced writers restored the damaged reputation of Sony Animation. If one wants to see a new take on the hero genre and get a chance to see this amazing Golden Globe-winning film, it can still be watched in selected theaters or pre-ordered on YouTube.