Blank canvas


Painting by Kaitana Zielinski

Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

Teachers always embrace letting students express themselves with their work in the classroom, usually hanging it up on the board to be viewed by others. Art teacher, Mr. Reiber, takes it a step further by actually letting students transform the walls into art.

“If a student has a concept and they tell me what it is and if its appropriate go for it,” said Reiber for how to start a journey to creating art on the walls.

After granting permission, students have a pencil to mark up the classroom wall with their original design that they will have access to all the paint and brushes in Reiber’s room to bring their art to life. Students can also use any art style they prefer, from abstract to realism, to create their vision.

Painting by Steph Bobrek

“Art is the first language, it’s expressive and it makes people think about not only themselves but others,” Reiber claimed as his main takeaway from the artworks on the walls.

Mural by Ciana Buff

Fellow art teacher Mr.Scott, enjoys advising the students on their work. Scott is more of a drawing art teacher, helping students put portfolios together, but when he sees someone’s painting he will not mind helping one improve the work.

Scott added, “I hope that we can migrate the paintings onto my walls as soon as possible.”

“I would love to expand the murals out onto the hallways of building nine,” Reiber hopes.

When the art building was located in building 10, a gallery of murals donned all the walls.

Reiber’s students will hopefully expand to other rooms and areas with their artwork and the positive feelings they promote.

“I envision a room full of murals. I wish the whole school had murals. It makes the world more human,” explains Reiber.

Up to the Imagination: One of the creative paintings in Mr. Reiber’s room. The walls have come to life. “I want people to see all the details and try to figure out the story behind my painting. I want people to look at it and interpret it in their own way,” Madalyn Coleman

With more students picking up the brush to paint, the vibes in the room have changed and the works are more original than before. When giving many students the ability to paint what they wish on the walls, other students can not help but feel the impact.

Art student Jesus Olvera says the change to the walls have made, “The classroom, very colorful, not as boring anymore.” 

“It’s not something I considered but I hope they take away a sense of peace,” Evren Rogers states.

To see what the excitement is all about, visit building nine, second floor, room 924 a colorful, lively surroundings await.

Out of space: The start of a galaxy. the wall revealed the final frontier,”The wall being ripped out and finding a galaxy behind it.”


painting by Allie Beck and Kayleen Mayra