Not in Vein: Donating Blood at Manatee


Ethan Clark, Staff Reporter

Most high schools or public organizations hold drives to provide lifesaving blood for operations and injured patients at local hospitals. Manatee High School is no different impressively boasting about being the largest donors in the area. Even though they give the most, there is always room and a considerable need for gracious blood donors. However, many students are inexperienced about giving away this vital life source.

Despite common belief, giving blood is a short process and will not take too much time away from schoolwork. First, a student needs to sign up in the cafeteria during lunch, or go to the office and ask to speak with Mrs. Sharpin. 16-years-old need parental consent, but if the student is 17 or older, they are put on the donation bus and screened to give blood, in which the volunteers have donors fill out a questionnaire about any infectious diseases or genetic diseases they might have. If they qualify for donating, students then have their blood taken and tested as a secondary precaution.

“It’s not that long, not that painful, the reward outweighs the process.” emphasized one donor, Audrey Lipton. “I think all students should give blood”.

After drawing blood, the volunteer helpers give the students chicken sandwiches and a drink to recover. The process is speedy and provides the student with a chance to help fill their own cities’ blood bank.

A Positive Influence- Student volunteer Aydin Frazier boards the blood donation bus. Frazier gave blood and was a student assistant for the day. “Yeah it might hurt a little but I think the reward of saving a life is better then a needle.” stated student donor Audrey Lipton.

“The students really provide the majority of the blood for our community hospitals,” stated Katie Herman, a donor representative from the Suncoast Blood Bank. “Our students are very good at coming out and donating blood for their community.”

If a student wants to donate on their own time, the blood bus is located off 9 Avenue between the Davis Building and the football field. Ms. Herman emphasized that any student should come out to donate blood and anyone with questions about the process can go to their website at or visit the Suncoast Blood Bank just off 60 Avenue West.

Give back to the Manatee community by looking in to giving blood, or even volunteering to help with the process if any students cannot donate. Donating blood saves lives every day and after all its a positively painless process.