Antigone cast announced


Acting out- students practice dramatic poses for their upcoming play Antigone. “All hail Creon,” says Antigone cast member Jaclyn Gilman.

Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

Cast list

Antigone-Audrey Lipton

Creon-Rain Miller

Greon’s Aide-Kamarion Colter

Ismene-Gillian Chism

Guard 1-Sydney Fehr

Guard 2-Madalyn Coleman

Guard 3-Jasmine Geenen

Teriesias- Teddy Bliss

Haemon-Max Sorba

Eurydice-Kiara Fulk

Chorus 1-Kiara Fulk

Chorus 2-Jackie Gilman

Chorus 3-Sadie Manzier

Chorus 4-Kaylene Balzer

Chorus 5-Ashely Tinoeo

Messenger 1- Madalyn Coleman

Messenger 2-Jasmine Geenen

“I’ve been teaching Antigone for seven years and it just seems like the right group of actor to bring the play to life,” stated Mrs.Catell.