This “Glass” is half full

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This “Glass” is half full

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By: Alexis Peck, News editor

Director M. Night Shyamalan created a trilogy called the “Unbreakable Trilogy” which contains the movies “Unbreakable,” “Split,” and the new movie that came out Jan. 18, 2019, “Glass.” David Dunn, played by Bruce Willis, is the main character of “Unbreakable” where he finds after a tragic accident that he is extraordinarily strong and his bones do not break. “Split” is about Kevin Wendell Crumb, played by James McAvoy, kidnaps three girls and keeps them in a secluded building from society, but the twist on this story is that he has 23 different personalities that he switches from. “Glass” is about bringing these two characters together along with Elijah Price also known as Mr. Glass, Samuel L. Jackson’s character, who breaks easily but is unnaturally intelligent. He was presented in “Unbreakable” but not in depth. In “Glass,” these three characters come together and are in a superhero asylum being studied and questioned if they are indeed superhuman or just clinically insane by Dr. Ellie Staple, portrayed by Sarah Paulson, while Mr. Glass is trying to get them all together to break out and wreak havoc.

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Shattering their dreams. In this scene, Paulson’s character is evaluating them and telling them all the reasons they believe that they are superheroes and linked it back to being a product of their childhood traumas. ” I don’t think we are particularly evil, and we don’t choose sides. We try to stop both of you. If there is one of you, the opposite of you appears; it escalates, we step in. There just can’t be gods amongst us,” Sarah Paulson’s character explained when they entered this examination. Picture credit: Movie Time Guru

The plot of this story was complex to say the least and it is not a standard superhero movie in any sense. Standard superheroes usually are adored my society and have special almost alien-like powers. Throughout the whole movie there were many questions being raised and at the end of the movie is when Mr. Glass and some other characters answered a handful of them. It begins with Dunn looking for Crumb and trying to take him down, but they both get caught by officials and are sent to this mental hospital where Mr. Glass is being held as well. Dr. Staple has three days to evaluate them and try to convince them they are not superheroes and their belief in it maybe be an illusion as a result of their younger traumas. With rational explanations as to why their powers are their abilities and the irony of their weaknesses, she makes them question everything they know to be true and causes a sort of identity crisis. While this is all happening, Mr. Glass is trying to convince the other two to help him break out and fight each other because of their different views and to make the world see them for what they are.

The actors in this film gave mind-blowing performances. McAvoy’s character was extremely complex with the 23 distinctive characters wrapped into one. Each of his personalities different, he changed his posture, his movements, his dialect and his continuance. Willis portrayed his character as closed off and mysterious which fits perfectly as he wears a cloak when he is crime fighting. His character is the closest to being a uniform superhero, like Superman, out of all of them. Jackson’s character in the movie had to play brain dead basically for half of the movie and his blank stare was convincing. Once he was able to show his true colors, viewers could see his whole dynamic transform into something sinister. His facial expressions make the audience believe he has ulterior motives or at the very least a plan up his sleeve. Paulson’s character is one that has a classic Shyamalan twist to it. Paulson carries this character to teeter on the line of protagonist and antagonist. She acts sweet and innocent when dealing with the patients and seems to have their best interest, but then does despicable things to them.

Many people who have watched it were disappointed in the “lack of action” in the movie but this movie was not intended to be a usual action packed superhero movie. Its plotline was are they or are they not superhuman and what will they do if they are. The plot was intricately planned by Shymalan and so was the big twist at the end, which was beautifully done.

“Glass” had everything a wonderful movie entails: Emmy winning actors, a memorable pastel colored set, a plotline with a twist, and action to satisfy those action loving viewers. The movie grossed $222.6 million dollars worldwide. It sits at No. 1 in the box office with its thrilling ride. It was utterly a roller coaster mind game of a film.