Ante up and get those debts paid


BOOKKEEPING- Turning in books and money allows student to clear their debt. Debt is predominantly from unreturned textbooks. Mr. Lauster, the assistant bookkeeper, laughed, "There's not a whole lot here, but a lot more missing."

Camryn Souders, Staff Reporter

Nearly every student has some form of debt. Whether it is from having textbooks out or needing a new ID printed, the cost adds up quickly. When the debt isn’t paid, the ability to go to prom or on field trips is taken away. The most severe consequence is not being able to graduate.

“I think I have debt, at least for my IDs. I don’t really know. I honestly don’t think about it unless somebody brings it up,” junior Christina Nolte said. She is not alone in this mindset. Many students do not realize they have debt or do not know how to find out.

To view student debt, one way is to go see the bookkeeper. There, payments can be made. The bookkeeping office is located in the office. Mrs. Broxterman is the head bookkeeper but is currently out on maternity leave. Mr. Lauster, the assistant bookkeeper, is filling in.

The second way to make a payment is online. First, go to the Manatee High website, then select “MHS Media Center” under the academics tab or click the links at the bottom of this story. From there, select the main button that reads “library catalog search button” and login by clicking the top right. The standard login is student ID for the username and last name for the password. On the top left, select the three lines and then a menu will come up. Select “fines” to show every debt the student has.

An important thing to remember is a debt from middle school or other high schools carry over. For example, if a textbook was lost in 6th grade, that same textbook will prevent that student as a senior from going to prom or graduating, no matter how hardworking they are. Textbooks are not the only fee that adds up. Students in different classes, clubs and organizations may have fees added from those, like uniforms for JROTC or sports fees.

Waiting until the last minute to check student debt will make it more difficult to catch up on it. If the book is found and turned in, the debt will go away. However, if it was lost entirely or damaged to the point of no return, it will have to be paid for. 

So ante up and become debt and worry free.

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