The annual JROTC Military Ball

The annual JROTC Military Ball

On Friday Feb, 15. JROTC had their yearly Military ball to celebrate the amazing students and members that makes JROTC the amazing school community that it is.

Members of the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, more commonly known as JROTC are students that participate in a high school program. This program is an effort made by most branches of the US Army to teach students the importance of leadership and physical fitness.

Taken as an elective, JROTC is a class that requires so much effort and time. All from wearing a high-class uniform each Thursday to staying after school each day to practice and train. These students work hard and look forward to learning skills that will benefit them in life and if they decide to enlist into the armed forces after graduating.

So, no surprise that these hard-working students are given the opportunity to attend a special celebration held just for them once a year: The Military Ball.

The yearly party was held at Bayshore high school in Bradenton last weekend and for many in attendance it was a night of great fun.

All JROTC members were given an invite to the dance if they wished to attend. By paying a small fee the JROTC attendees could bring one guest with them to the dance. Invitations were also extended to School Board members as well.

Students Mariah Navarro, Kim Possible and Marietta Tomilson having a good time and taking selfies at the Military Ball.

Mariah Navarro, a JROTC member of two years who attended the dance talked about the School Board guests at the dance, saying, “All the people from the School Board downtown came. They gave speeches and everything.”

Students who went to this event were expected to dress properly; they showed up in fancy attire like dresses and suits, ready to have a good time and make memories.Some of the events at the party included: a formal dinner, toasts, guest speakers and then dancing.

Sargent Major Staff explained that JROTC is a student ran program at school, meaning that students are in charge of being on task, planning practices after school and planning in and out of school events, like the dance.

“We didn’t host this year, it [the Military Ball] has a six year-round with schools. We didn’t host it this year, but we will next.” Statement made from Sargent Major Staff.

Next year JROTC members here at Manatee look forward to hosting the traditional Military Ball and having a great time.