Yes! Manatee High Can Dance


It was a day of floor rocking and fun for the Manatee High School Sugar ‘Canes, Unity Steppers and Ballroom Dance Club at the Yes! We Can Dance showcase on Saturday, March 16 at the State College of Florida. The MHS teams went out and strut their stuff with dance programs from high schools all across Manatee County, showing off their pride in their school.

This is the 11th year that the Yes! We Can Dance showcase has been running and included 16 teams from around the county (including the three from Manatee), both middle and high schools, and showcased each team’s unique dance style. It was not a competition but the dancers still felt the rush of being on stage during each performance.

“When you practice it’s, of course, just in some dance room and you don’t have an audience, so as soon as you get on stage and those lights hit you and you see the big audience it brings you alive and you’re like ‘okay let’s do this let’s show them what you can do,'” said MHS junior Mackenzie Robbins who performed a dance to “Footloose” with the Ballroom Dance Club.

The showcase included many different styles of dance, all the way from ballet to step, showing off an insane amount of talent from all teams.

“The MSA Heat hip-hop dance was my favorite because I liked the costumes, precision and teamwork,” said freshman Claire Catalani, who was an audience member at the showcase.

The whole experience was fun for all of the dancers there, and even included a National Dance Day dance at the very end that included every dancer, a truly heartwarming sight.

“I loved the experience and that it was our last time ever doing these dances. It was bittersweet and great wrap up to the season,” said freshman Sugar ‘Cane Jessica Burdette.