Hurricane Harbor

Noah Quillan, Editor-in-chief

In first period, every Monday, students sit down and watch a video that Manatee calls, “Hurricane Harbor.” Hurricane Harbor was brought to Manatee by Mr. Silenzi, a current dean. He previously introduced the videos to Bayshore High and Sugg Middle School as a way to get students interested in issues that pertain to them. Hurricane Harbor is a name tailored to Manatee High specifically. The true name of the program is simply, “The Harbor,” put together by an organization called Jostens Renaissance.

Casual talk: Here is Mike Smith, sitting and looking casual, relaying a video on courage. This was an episode played in Season 5. “I think it’s great that the speaker is always dressed like this, because it makes each episode less formal,” said Caroline Chasteen.

“There was something about this guy Mike Smith that fit perfectly for students. His delivery is different,” explained Mr. Silenzi, describing his thoughts on the video’s. “It just seems like the topics discussed are important,” he continued.

The videos all have impactful meanings, from relationship violence, to motivation and acceptance. Each video has a different topic and all of them are spoken in a down-to-Earth type of way, which keeps students interested. Not every topic may pertain to each person but overall, a lot of them do.

“I think that it is nice to start each Monday on a motivational note. Some of them are kinda sad, but I think they can impact different people in a big way,” stated Haley Cardillo, explaining her opinion on the videos.

Next year, Mr. Silenzi explained that he would like to see the TV production class get involved in Hurricane Harbor. He thinks that having a small panel of students debating about each week’s episode would be good for their peers to see. If something is talked about by a teacher, students may not be as engaged as they would be if it was from their friends and classmates, so Mr. Silenzi is hoping that by implementing that, students would be more engaged.

With over one hundred episodes and five seasons, there are plenty more Hurricane Harbor videos to watch and enjoy. Since this year was a trial run to see what students and faculty thought, the changes going forward into next year will only improve what has already been built.