Swim on by to this savvy club!

Ethan Clark, Journalist

With such a vast ocean surrounding the state of Florida, it makes sense that Manatee High would have a marine-related club, but describing it only as that would be a disservice. The Ocean Awareness Club, is headed by Ms. Hamilton and the president, Senior Hannah Brooks. The organization seeks to not only educate and culminate interest in ocean related topics, but to help secure its environment as well. Featuring engaging ocean activities and field trips to the water, this group is a must for any aspiring marine scientists or students who love the sea.

This club was the idea of one of the marine science teachers named Ms. Hamilton, who enjoys the ocean and wants to share it.

“I’ve always been interested in our local waters and the marine environment,” said Ms. Hamilton, “and I wanted the students to be aware as well, so I began a club.”

The club has a multitude of events thought up by Hamilton. Activities for the club include trips to the beach, kayaking and exploring different marine environments. Ms. Hamilton also has a shoreline the group cleans up twice a year as part of the Adopt-A-Shore program. All of these activities accumulate towards the higher purpose of making students aware of the importance of the coastal and marine ecosystem. The club has reached a record number of 80 members, so it seems to be working well.

One of Florida’s beaches stands quiet and beautiful on a foggy day. Beaches like this are what the Ocean Awareness Club seeks to protect. “It feels good to give back,” stated Hannah Brooks. Photo Credit: Ethan Clark

Speaking on the behalf of the club, president Hannah Brooks cited their love of the ocean and the desire to protect it as their reasons for joining.

“I think its my part to help our planet even if it’s just a small part of it.” stated Brooks. “The ocean is really important to me.”

With current events showing high levels of pollution and irreversible damage to our environment, these club members are standing up for their world and invite others to join. The club meets every other Wednesday for 15 minutes so if time is a significant concern, there is nothing to worry about on that front. Snacks are provided and anyone is welcome to stop by Ms. Hamilton’s room in building two. Catch a wave to this environmental group.