Staging Antigone Together


Throughout the school year, the drama department produces events, such as  the talent show and winter showcase. Along with those shows, they perform a spring show, this year’s being Antigone.

Antigone is about a girl in old Greece standing for old Greek beliefs against new beliefs that her uncle is enforcing. It is Greek tragedy that takes place right after a war between two countries. Antigone the protagonist,  is in a dilemma since her uncle just claimed the throne for himself. He wants the brother of Antigone’s body to rot in the enemy land, while Antigone is persistent on having her brother get a proper burial. This Ms. Catell’s favorite play and now she will have the chance to produce it.

Play rehearsals started in late February every Thursday after school. Students were practicing and rehearsing every day after school since then to prepare for the opening night.

Lluvia Rodriguez, a crew member, expressed that it is super fun and time consuming to prepare costumes and curtains for the play.

Running over: Madayln Coleman, who is portraying multiple roles, is running over her lines and discussing how she can improve. She had to practice a lot. “The more effort I put into it [acting] the better I become.”
“I have to psych myself up. A lot of people think of their characters up front. I try to feel as excited for my character as I can,” stated Madalyn Coleman, who plays multiple parts in the play.

While Coleman has her methods of how to bring her characters to life, other casts members have their own ways.

“Memorizing lines and going over the show again and again,” is the acting method of Kaylene Balzer.

Not to forget, students in Catell’s other classes were assisting with bringing the play to life. From practicing makeup for the actors to making all the costumes for the cast, students are gaining skills from the class like learning how to sew and do prosthetic makeup.

Tailoring Made: Student Kaylene Balzer custom fits Madayn’ Coleman’s costume tremendously on costumes for the play, seen right here working on a dress. This enables the actors to get into character.

Students in theater classes are placed into groups and assigned a role. The group must then envision the character and what they would might wear then create a costume based on it.

The cast and drama students are not the only people helping with creating the play for an audience to watch. The Art Club, hosted by Mr. Scott, also has a tremendous role with taking sets and painting them to compliment the scene.

All Set: Mr.Peter’s wood shop class and Mr.Scott’s Art Club. It took a lot of planning. “I do that [look at the students’ plans for the set] to make sure its structurally sound,” said Peters.
“It’s Manatee High School tradition that the art department helps the theater department,” stated Scott. “They will [the drama department] ask us to paint sets; we paint sets, construction of the sets goes to Mr.Peters.”

Before the Art Club can get their paintbrushes on the scene for Antigone, the students of Mr. Peters shop class had to create the structure. Peters mentioned that one student built all the framework for the stairs.

Peters also went on to explain that the students were creative with their ideas and also that scenery came out symmetric and all the stair steps were even. He also added that the columns were made out of cardboard tubes.

Antigone premiered on Friday, April 12 at seven in the evening and went off as a success. There were other preformaces on Saturday and Sunday.

By all coming together, the art department, wood shop and theater  created a spectacular play from the creative costumes to the glamours scenery and intricate details painted into the temple.