The Key Club of the Florida District holds its 81st annual DCON


Zyonn Singleton, Staff Reporter

The Mighty Mighty Florida District of Key Club International held its 81st Annual District Education Leadership Conference (DCON) on April 4th, held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel. This District Education Leadership Conference was composed of over 2,000 students from all over Florida.

This years DCON was planned by both DCON Co-Chairs Robby Witten and Tara Garner and our own, It took numerous months to plan, as DCON is composed of a three-day tight schedule, with the theme being, “Service at the Circus.”

“At first, we could not stand each other. But, eventually, we got together and planned this amazing DCON together, as Robby did the paperwork, and he allowed me to pretty it up,” Garner stated.

DCON is composed of getting to know new people, participating in workshops for incoming leaders, showing off clubs projects, recognizing clubs for their outstanding service and watching the entertainment show. A lot of students enjoy this annual event and can not wait for it to start back up once again.

FANCY DINING:  Waiters surrounding the guests at Rosen Shringle Creek, serving them food, waiting for the Govenor’s address to the entire district.”This is really nice, I love it here at DCON,” Riley Cassidy giggled, as the Governor’s Gala begins.

One of the most important aspects is the Governor’s Gala. During this event, clubs are introduced by the current division lieutenant governors, the current Florida District Board and of course the Governor. Governor Sohayla Eldeeb, gave her final remarks to the Florida District.

“This year has been a truly amazing year, and I will continue my legacy as I decide between Cornell University and Stanford University,” stated immediate past Governor Eldeeb of the Florida District of Key Club.

The New Officers met with  Adviser Mr. Charlie Mills and Kiwanis Adviser Mr. John Vita to get acquainted at an early morning Sunday Breakfast, and to discuss plans for the upcoming year.  Both advisers provided words of encouragement and inspiration for the Fall.

“This year might be one of the best years yet to come,” said Vita.

Marking the start of the approaching service year means new officers began the works and plans for success.

Florida District of Key Club International awarded the following to our chapter:

  •  Governor’s Citation,
  • Distinguished Club President,
  • Distinguished Club Vice President
  • Distinguished Club Secretary,
  • Distinguished Club Webmaster,
  • Distinguished Club Editor,
  • Distinguished Club Treasurer,
  • 2nd Place Gold Division Single Service Award,
  • 2nd place Gold Division Service Award,
  • Governor’s Project Banner Patch Award,
  • Pride Report Submission Award,
  • G Harold Martin Outstanding Club President

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