The tests are near

The tests are near

By: Emma Stromberg, Staff Writer

Advanced Placement, or AP testing is just around the corner and with it comes endless practice tests and preparation that are making some students wonder if their efforts are even worth it. Many students do not understand how important it is to receive a passing score; this enables students to earn a college credit which will make college less expensive in the future.

Advanced Placement is a program in the United States and other countries created by the College Board which offers college-level curriculum and examinations to high school students. Colleges and universities may grant placement and course credits to students who obtain high scores on the exams.

Passing the AP exam also looks good for college applications and will help students get admitted into colleges. The best study tip for the AP test is to review and take practice tests. These could be found online, as well as given to students throughout the year by the AP teacher for extra practice. Familiarizing with the test will make it much less daunting when it comes time actually to take it.

Review all old material from the year. Refreshing the mind on everything taught will be beneficial for students. Throughout the year, so many elements have been taught so it can be hard to recall all of it. Investing in a tutor that specializes in AP testing may also be helpful.

Review, Review, Review: The review books shown here can be put to use by practicing for the AP exams. They are available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble or BooksaMillion. “Honestly, I’m really nervous and kind of dreading the AP exams. I hope I score well on both the history and english one. I’m probably going to study my notes from both classes and also search the internet for study guides,” says 10th grader Sierra Bradow. Photo Credit: The Catalyst.

“I’m super anxious about the test coming and am worried about how my score will affect my dual enrollment plans,” says junior Madelynn Stockton. “To prepare I am going to review all the technical terms that we learned and look at the different types of essays we wrote that will be on the exam.”

If students are scheduled for a morning exam, they must be at the test center at 7:40 A.M; for an afternoon test, students should be there at 11:30 A.M. The test center is the Calvary Baptist Church, which is located directly North of the football field. Be there on time, since the doors will be shut promptly at the start time. If a student fails to attend their AP exam on time, $94 will be charged to his/her student account.

Students should bring their school ID or driver’s license, a number two pencil (no mechanical pencils) and a pen (black or blue ink). Snacks are also allowed to be brought and eaten during the 10-minute break in between sections. Water will be provided at the test center. If students are taking a specific math or science class that requires a graphing or scientific calculator, they should bring that as well.