Spoiler Avert


Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

One thing that everyone hates, no matter what show one watch or movies they prefer, is spoilers. Spoilers can ruin the months and sometimes years of anticipation for something that someone holds close to their heart.

“Usually I’ll shut off [social media] three weeks before it [the “Star Wars” movies] comes out,” said Mr.Kincannon, a history teacher and  “Star Wars enthusiast.

The tactic of signing off social apps is one of the most common ways of avoiding spoilers, since one does not have to worry of a pop up every time they are on their phone. Another way of preventing spoilers is to stay away from a specific hashtag or avoid an account online that everyone knows will be talking about the show or movie. Staying clear of spoilers is not the most effective or foolproof way to go. Sites like Instagram will pick posts for someone based on what they like. Say one is usually looking through posts for “Game of Thrones” before the new season, when they stop looking at that hashtag when the new season starts Instagram might send them spoiler posts due to the interest in the show.

Theodore Bliss, a lover of Marvel and “Stranger Things” said, “Honestly when some kid in art class said Spider-Man died [in Infinity War], my heart kinda sank, I was so upset but I knew fake spoilers were everywhere so I tried not to believe him until I saw the movie.”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will be reaching the franchises climax with the excitedly awaited “Avengers: Endgame“, which has already sold five times as many opening week tickets as The previous film, “Avengers: Infinity War,  which made over a billion dollars at the box office. Not only did “Infinity War” become one of the highest grossing films the box office but it also became a spoiler-filled franchise. No one could go online without getting images and clips spoiling the movie, even news sites could not be trusted with holding information. Now it seems it will be the same with “Endgame”, with supposed “spoilers” already oozing all over the internet.

The Russo Brothers, co-directors of “Infinity War” and “Endgame”, have expressed their dislike for spoilers and have asked fans to be kind and not to spoil the movie for others.

“When you see ‘Endgame’ in the coming weeks, please don’t spoil it for others, the same way you wouldn’t want it spoiled for you,” stated by the Russo Brothers in their letter to the fans.

Stars on the Wall: Star Wars fanatic Mr.Kincannon’s classroom is shown above. The new Star Wars film comes out in December. Kincannon stated, “I like it [the Rise of Skywalker trailer], it got me excited for the movie.”
“Star Wars”, another important staple in pop-culture, is returning on Dec 21 with the final film in the sequel trilogy titled “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker“. Many fans of the franchise hope that this movie will live up to its name and excite filmgoers like “Star Wars” movies have.

“With ‘Star Wars’ I usually shut off social media,” stated Mr. Kincannon.

Not so Strange:  The “Stranger Things” trailer entices without spoiling. Bliss has been watching “Stranger Things” since its season one release. “I’m a little worried because this season looks like its gonna be a little different from usual, but still excited to watch.”

Along with films and shows like “Game of Thronesthat are concluding this year, there are still some good series continuing, like the third season of “Stranger Things“, due to release on July 4. This Netflix show is one of the most talked about series and is planning for a four season run.

Danille Clowes, an avid fan in “Stranger Things”, talks about her tactic of staying away from certain headlines online. “I don’t have to do much to not spoil the new season of “Stranger Things” since I don’t see any news of it on my Instagram or online.”

Though one person might watch Marvel and the other might enjoy “Star Wars,” what they both might have in common is their loathing for spoilers. All it does is ruin the months and sometimes years of anticipation for a film or show that is important to fans.