Spreading positivity

Abigail Haas, Staff Reporter

Click of Kindness: “Bump ups” are a moral boosting shout- out to show appreciation towards staff. . Faculty have enjoyed this source of encouragement. “Teachers have four to five days to collect their thoughts about who they recognize.”explained Mr. Silenzi coordinator of this positive initiative.

One click of a thoughtful email can make someone’s day. Our school has begun to use a new system for faculty called “Bump-ups”. These are email shout outs to staff and is a way to spread positivity around campus to show appreciation for all that they do. Mr. Silenzi sends the emails out every Wednesday.

Any staff that recognizes something outstanding that someone has done can send an anonymous email to Mr, Silenzi to show gratitude.  Silenzi corrects any mistakes in grammar or punctuation and makes sure it is good to send out by Wednesday.

“They’re basically words of encouragement, positive comments about other teachers. On every Thursday, Fridays I send out a little reminder ‘Hey send your “Bump-ups” to me no later than Tuesday 3:30’ so they have four to five days to collect their thoughts and think about who they want to congratulate, thank, make a positive comment about, and the teacher sends it to me and then I just  check for spelling, I fix it, I don’t change words I just kind of fix it so it fits into what I’m doing, fonts, style, size all that good stuff, and then I send them out anonymously,” explained Mr. Silenzi.

The faculty has found this system to be supportive because it shows that someone truly notices all that they do. This encourages them to do more great things and to keep up the good work and while spread kindness by sending out a “Bump-ups”.

“The one that I got made me feel good because it was a teacher and her daughter got into my class last minute,” explained Mr. Bilter after saying how bump ups make him feel.

He further said how they were grateful that they were able to put the teacher’s daughter in his class even though it was short notice. He added how it is nice that the people who receive the “Bump-ups” take their time to acknowledge the person who may have sent it out and what they do.

“Sending the ‘Bump-ups’ make me feel great because it gives me an opportunity to highlight some of the great things my friends and colleagues are doing on campus. I think since that we work in a county that treats us so poorly that with the lack of all the amenities that other professions get, we have to rely on each other to kinda carry the weight and so I hope the people I send bump-ups to take it sincerely and not sarcastically and it fills their heart with love,” said Mr. Scott, art teacher.