Time to vote! MHS election information and candidates

Camryn Souders, Staff Reporter

It is election time at Manatee High, and school spirit is up. 39 students are running to represent their class board next year. This year, the voting is taking place on Schoology, our school wide social media platform. Scroll to the bottom of this story for a list of students running in each grade level. Registering has closed for the courses.

Voting was due to end Thursday, April 18 but has been extended a week until Friday, April 26. The people chosen this year will represent each class level for all of next year, so when deciding who to vote for, remember all the things class boards do. Student council plans pep rallies, homecoming events, prom and fundraisers, Powder-Puff football, blood donations, grad night, float building and overall school spirit.

Here is the full roster of nominees running and codes.

Sophomore Board candidates

• Sophomore president nominees- Charles Gonzales, Olivia Zeppi

• Sophomore vice president nominees- David Kochannicc, Jenna Nimer, Angee Reyes

• Sophomore secretary nominees- Jordan Rydzinski, Natalie Rosales

• Sophomore treasurer nominees- Caroline Lehman (unopposed)

• Sophomore senator nominees- Thomas Zina, Devin Colderson, Zoe Najmy, Emma Cole, Leah Cumberland, Haliegh Driscoll, Madelyn Rogers, Evan Reid, Verllyer Spanoz.

Junior Board candidates

• Junior president nominees- Mary Grace Cucci (unopposed)

• Junior vice president nominees- Tori Watson, Sophia Belsito

• Junior secretary nominees- Vacant

• Junior treasurer nominees- Jonathan Bartik (unopposed)

• Junior senator nominees- Molly Faul, Natalie Blair, Isabella Love, Miya Serna

Senior Board nominees

• Senior president nominees- Sabrina Koshedub-Colaco, Isabella Zeppi

• Senior vice president nominees- Mackenzie Robbins (unopposed)

• Senior secretary nominees- Vacant

• Senior treasurer nominees- Vacant

• Senior senator nominees- Andrew Seeger, Rachel Formosa, Velencia Scialdone, Alyssa Ely, Bailey Zoller

Executive Board candidates

• President nominees- Sarah Yadven (unopposed)

• Vice president nominees- Kiara Fulk, Charlie Halfacre

• Treasurer nominees- Andrew Carrillo (unopposed)

• Corresponding secretary nominees- Shelby Eikel (unopposed)

• Recording secretary nominees- Jada Russell (unopposed)