Don’t Start Batting an Eilish


Katie Jones, Staff Reporter

Billie Eilish released her highly anticipated album on March 29, 2019, titled “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” In a month, the album was listened to by millions on Spotify and has become one of the best selling albums of the year. Eilish’s record truly lives up to all the love and attention it is receiving which shows that Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas have created an remarkable set of songs for people to enjoy.

A Star From Birth: Billie Eilish becomes one of the youngest musicians to perform at Coachella. Eilish brought a memorable  stage presence She sang many of her songs there. “Its great and she makes great music,” said Danielle Clowes, sophmore. Source: WhatsNew2Day

Eilish is the teen music sensation that no one can get enough of listening to. Eilish, age 17, has 20 million Instagram followers, performed on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and has released one the best selling albums of 2019. The singer first turned heads with her YouTube release of “Ocean Eyes” in 2017, which is one of her most popular songs. Now, Eilish is the sixth most listened to artist on Spotify, with 45 million listeners each month.

“When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” is a fantastic album to listen to and is made up of 14 tracks, all the genres of pop, electronic pop and trap. Most noticeable was Eilish’s creativity with her music and change of style as displayed in “Bad Guy” with has 135 million views on YouTube

Eilish’s wacky beats captivate listeners and lyrics that have people humming along until the ending quiets down and the last lyrics of “Band Guy” sends chills down everyone’s spines.

“My Strange Addiction” is the ninth track on the album the  highlight is the unique mashup from “The Office” used in a way instead of pausing the music for the skit.

“Bury a Friend” is the tenth track, a creative expression with her use of staplers and other non-instrumental objects. Eilish and her brother create these remarkable beats and intriguing lyrics with their extraordinary talent of writing music no doubt makes this the best song on the album.

Mariah Navarro is a big fan of K-pop and also enjoys Eilish.”I like ‘Bury a Friend’, it’s a good song. The video is cool and the beat is nice.”

The fifth song on the album is “All The Good Girls Go To Hell” which is not as entertaining as all the others. This song is definitely at the bottom of her best songs list due to the boring lyrics and average beats. This is not a song that all people will enjoy to listen to but over time they might be more open to adding it to their playlist.

“I didn’t like it at first but I grew to love it,” stated Chole Forestierr about the song.

“I Love You” is the 13th song on the 14-track album and is the most beautiful. All the things from Eilish’s quiet voice to the gentle guitar make this piece exceptional and displays emotions from a fear of love to wearing her heart on her sleeve. The best part of the song is towards the end, where the guitar drops out and it is just vocals.

“Most of the songs have a good beat but some of them are depressing, but they are good songs,”  stated Danica Kormansek, a first-time listener of Eilish. Kormansek also said her favorite song was “I Love You”.

The only thing some did not enjoy about the album was that there was no feature. Eilish has connections to many artists, like one of her inspirations; Tyler, the Creator, who has collaborated with many artists before. Another person who could have been featured was Khalid, who has previously worked with Eilish before.

Eilish’s album is a perfect example of how great of an artist she is and how she is leading a young generation into a new era of music with chalkboards scratching in the background and staples clicking together to make an entertaining beat.

“When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” has genuinely claimed the title of best albums of the year with its new taste of sound and experimental songs that work perfectly together.