The bodies hit the floor in the most recent “Game of Thrones” episode titled “The Long Night”


Kaitlyn Schafer, Reviews, Features. and Editorials editor

**Season seven spoilers to “Game of Thrones” are below: Proceed with Caution**

On April 28, 2019, the biggest battle on HBO’s hit fantasy tv show “Game of Thrones” debuted on millions of tv screens worldwide. Titled “The Long Night”, this 82-minute episode marks the longest battle filmed in history to date. The episode differs greatly from this eighth season’s first two episodes, which were plot-light, humorous and produced no stress. Looking back on those episodes now, one can only wish that these beloved characters could stay that happy forever. However, when one watches “Game of Thrones,” one knows that this hope is too good to be true. Whether it be on the edge of their seat, stress-eating at the table or standing with a sword in their hand, fans absolutely must watch this long-awaited and long-deserved, epic battle between the living and the dead.

Without spoiling season eight, this episode is about the army of the dead finally arriving at Winterfell, which marks the beginning of the great battle. For the season finale of season seven, the Night King had obtained the dragon Viserion and completely destroyed the wall, which separated the living from the dead. This episode marks what every “Game of Thrones” fan and character have been anticipating for the past seven seasons.

Killin’ It: Arya Stark fights off several White Walkers single-handedly in “The Long Night”. Arya’s intensely rigorous training to be a Faceless Man in the past seasons definitely paid off in this episode, giving fans more of a reason to love her. “I can’t even describe my complete and total RESPECT for Arya Stark. I mean she’s the best character on the show and the part she played in this episode made me love her even more,” stated Kai Fitch. Photo credit: The Telegraph

Director Miguel Sapochnik has delivered a couple of the best “Game of Thrones” episodes to date including season five’s “Hardhome” and season six’s “Battle of the Bastards” and his most recent episode did not disappoint. This long-awaited final clash against the White Walkers was a masterpiece of tension and release, goosebumps and heartbreak. The shots and planes of action shifted from the chaos of the fighting in and around Winterfell to the claustrophobic terror of the crypts, to the total awesomeness of the dragon fighting in the winter sky.

One of the biggest marvels in “Game of Thrones” is its beautifully computer animated dragons. These dragons are so well done that fans can not help but form unbreakable attachments to them even when they do not speak. The battle between the dragons in this episode can keep practically any fan of the show on the edge of their seat because all fans know that these writers are not afraid to kill one off at any moment.

“Two years ago when I watched season seven of ‘Game of Thrones’, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. All three of Daenerys’s dragons seemed to be vital in these characters’ upcoming battle against the army of the dead, so when the Night King killed Viserion, I was both terribly sad that Dany lost a ‘child’ as well as worried that the White Walkers could now use the living dead Viserion as a gigantic weapon for season eight’s battle,” stated Tamara Cleman.

The one complaint that this episode seemed to up-rise was the fact that the lighting was incredibly dark. The only illumination that really showed much of what was going on came from the dragon fire, Melisandre’s fire summoning magic and a couple of lanterns, other than that, it was a bit dim. However, for those who watch it in an appropriately-lit room can see the fantastic fighting choreography, the brutal swordplay and the expressions of hopelessness on these beloved characters’ faces. It is suggested to watch this episode in a dark room so that the screen can deliver this fantastic episode in its full glory.

“The Long Night” is the best episode yet in the eighth season of “Game of Thrones”. Loaded with action, suspense and relief, this third part of the season will not disappoint even the most critical reviewers. “The Long Night” is an overall fantastically done installment to the season.