An Annual Event


Signing up for some fun! Students are excited to sign yearbooks with their friends. The Cane Echos staff got to mix and mingle and sign other yearbooks. Photo Credit: McCarthy

Ethan Clark, Staff Reporter

On April 30, the Cane Echo staff threw a Distribution Day party in the cafeteria to celebrate the release of the 99th edition they had worked so hard on. This allowed for anyone who purchased a yearbook to come down and hang out with their friends, sign yearbooks and enjoy some cookies provided by the staff. All students that came down to enjoy the festivities and thought it was an excellent idea.

“It was nice to be with all our friends and sign others yearbooks” said freshman Lynlee Clarke. “and the cookies were nice too.”

The party also served as a reward for the staff who had put in arduous effort to assemble this years edition of the Cane Echo and get the party set up. The staff had to get the names of yearbook buyers, find their teachers, set up the decorations and get the students down to the cafeteria on short notice. Not an easy task but their effort clearly paid off.

“We did a lot to get ready and to see everybody enjoying it now and looking at it, and laughing with their friends is really awesome” stated staff member Meghan Corbran. “But it was really difficult.”

Sign of the times Students gather to reflect on this year. Students really liked the yearbook and  enjoyed the party. “It really was a lot of fun” Brett Zuber confirmed. “I am really glad I ended up going.” Photo Credit: Ethan Clark