Win from within

Win from within

After three weeks of spring practices, the football team played in the 2019 Spring Classic against Winter Haven High School on Thursday, May 15. The Hurricanes won the game 27-14 over the Blue Devils, leading the way was up-and-coming freshman quarterback, Jason Berzowski. The game was a exceptional way for coaches to see how the team has improved since practice started in the early spring, as well as viewing players who are on the cusp between JV and Varsity.

Red, White and New- Quarterback Jason Berzowski receives the ball from the center, getting ready to throw the pass. Berzowski played on the JV football team last year and was excited for the opportunity to play on Varsity. “It felt good, it was a little nerve racking at first, but once the game started going it was fun,” said Berzowski about his first varsity game.

While the spring football game was good for the coaches to analyze their team, it was also enjoyable to all of the students and fans that miss football season. The stands were not as packed as during the fall, but they were still a sea of red white and blue as the enthusiasts cheered on their team. The atmosphere brought students back to the fun times they had at football games in the fall.

“I liked the atmosphere and overall vibe of the game. There was a lot of students there and it reminded me of a regular season game with the same intensity. I liked seeing my friends there and just hanging out too. After the drought with no football since the end of fall, the spring games are a way to bring back the games before the next season starts,” said freshman Davide Montanari.

Another reason why the spring game was such an enjoyable time for students was because the Marching Canes and the Sugar ‘Canes were not performing, besides a small pep-band put on by the marching band, allowing those students who usually perform during games the ability to sit in the stand and watch the game with their peers.

“It was so fun, because I got to sit with my friends who aren’t Sugar ‘Canes and I just got to enjoy the game and not dance, even though dancing is amazing, I love to dance, but it was nice to just sit in the stands in the student section and have that big crowd cheering all the time,” said sophomore Kylee Prince.