That’s a wrap

Abigail Haas, Staff Reporter

Studying for history exam. Teachers work to help their students do the best they can on their exams. “They wrap up the year by usually reviewing for the semester exam that we have to take if that class requires a test exam,” said Emily Brannan, a sophomore.

The end of the year is the last chance to learn any information that you need to know in that class it can go easily or difficult. Teachers have many ways of wrapping up the school year. Some teachers let their students relax, but others prepare for upcoming exams and for their next course.

Many of the teachers especially in core classes, give students worksheets or study packets to prepare for the exam. In other courses, for example art classes, the exams are more project based. These types of assessments are to see how the students improved their drawing and painting skills. Physical education students have to write a paragraph or answer simple sports questions to evaluate their understanding.

“The core classes are trying to give us an activity to do such as read a book or take a practice test to prepare you for the semester finals and next year. They test us on the things that we might see/ learn next year and that’s our final. Either that or you take a test on everything you have learned from the first day of the second semester. This makes us study and work hard even after the FSA,” said Lowgen Friese, a sophomore.

Other teachers prefer to end the school year with a project to work on in class. In biology, Ms. Pepper has her students do a global climate change project, and the exam is to present your poster board along with a paper that goes with it.

“Every school year I ended the last three weeks with the global climate change project,” explained Ms. Pepper, a biology teacher.

Towards the end, math teachers often start teaching next years material to show students what to expect for next year. Some teachers like to start teaching next years subject because it gives the students an idea of what to expect so they are familiar with the material.