Oscura Cafe and Bar is the place to be


Kaitlyn Schafer, Reviews, Features. and Editorials editor

Most Bradenton residents know that there is always one area that is never empty and more importantly, never boring; and that is downtown. Almost every weekend there is an event to attend, a shop to explore, or a restaurant in which to eat. Restaurants like O’Bricks, Sage Biscuit and Motorworks Brewing are veterans to the area, but a new eatery called Oscura Cafe and Bar has recently gained popularity, primarily through the students at Manatee High.

“I would say what makes Oscura so cool is their whole vibe. I really love their decorations and how bright it is inside. Also, of course, I especially love their coffee. I would definitely recommend their hummus sandwich and avocado toast, it’s really good,” stated senior Jennifer Miles.

Coffee Break-  The cafe’s setup is very relaxed and bright. It is located at 540 13th St W, Bradenton. “Oh ya whoever had the idea of putting in that Foosball table is a genius. That whole area is super chill,” stated senior Kalie Welling.

What makes this cafe different from most around the Bradenton area is that they host live music from a variety of different bands. Many of these bands are participants of the once-a-month Bradenton organization “The Friendly City Flea”, which is a curated market that showcases art from local artists and also supports small businesses. According to their website, their goal is “for the market to bring together Bradenton’s creative community, jump start our city’s indie lifestyle, and support the small businesses that make up our city.” During these nights, the bands set up in the Oscura parking lot where the organization provides visitors with dinner from different food trucks and showcases art from local vendors.

“I spend most of my time in Michigan, but when I went to Bradenton Florida for Spring Break my friend told me that we had to go to Oscura to go listen to a band and eat some good food. The food was not disappointing; I had the fall salad and an iced chai tea latte. The music was amazing and I had the best time and I would 100% go again if given the chance,” stated Hannah Ray, a senior at the University of Michigan.

Other than hosting bands and supporting local small businesses, Oscura also creates trivia nights for all those TV, book and movie junkies in Bradenton. Lovers of titles such as “The Office”, “Friends”, “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Harry Potter” are in luck because Oscura has dates marked off on their calendar dedicated for just these nights. To enter into trivia, participants must contact Oscura via Instagram or Facebook and they must have a team and a creative team name.

“The environment was extremely relaxed, and I liked how the questions were not extremely hard or extremely easy. I had the house coffee and it was fantastic,” stated Jessica Peck, a Manatee High parent.

For information on Oscura Cafe and Bar’s menu, trivia or live music nights, visit their website or their Instagram and Facebook pages.