Don’t be tardy for the party

Sandra Martinez, Staff Reporter

There are new changes to the tardy policies. One of the leading causes that influenced the modification in the school and district policies is due to the county attendance rate going down.  There will be more supervision on students who may decide to leave school early. The biggest concern as to why there is more supervision is due to it being a safety hazard.

NEVER LATE As the final bell rings, most students rush to their classes in order to be on time. Students who do not make it on time are sent to i.c. “I feel as the new 5 minute tardy policy isn’t needed at all” said sophomore Erin Skinner.

The previous policy was that by having  four tardies, students would receive detention after school. One of the new changes is that if a student is more than five minutes late, their teacher may send them to i.c. Another adjustment is that if they were to drive to school and have 15 unexcused absences within a 90 day period their license will be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles for revocation or suspension.

Some students may not agree with these new policies and will say that they are not necessary at all.

“I probably would make slight changes, but not as much as this year, because like I said they are too strict and too much,” said sophomore David Hidalgo Sosa.

On the other hand, other students may feel like the new policies were in fact, needed.

“Yes, because people would go to the office just to go to class which would make them more later” stated sophomore, Kemiyah Whitfield.

There are many reasons that students may be late to school or may just not attend. Some of the most common reasons are waking up late or transportation issues. The school will try to assist transportation on a district bus or a pass for MCAT. 

A new policy from the district is that for every excused absence you will get that many days to make up the missing work. This new policy is a great help for those students that may be sick and will be missing school. Students will be able to stay on top of their classwork.

Another reason that may cause students not to attend is that they believe “…they don’t have the chance of graduating”  Mrs. Singleton stated. When reviewing credits and GPA, many are not meeting the requirements for graduation. But there, could in fact, be something done to help those students from dropping out. As by staying after school or by doing online classes.

The main goal is for the attendance rate to go up this school year and to keep going up as the school years pass.