More than just dance


Leah Cumberland, Staff Reporter

The Sugar ‘Canes are back in the spotlight this season and are more excited than ever. With the seniors leaving and freshman starting, there are obstacles to overcome. With a new year and a new season, there is also a lot of hard work and dedication that happens behind the curtains.

“The freshman haven’t been in the ‘Sugar Cane environment’ yet, so they had to learn that it takes a lot of hard work and effort to put all of the routines together,” explained sophomore Emily Giraldo.

Ready for the Spotlight: The ‘Sugar Canes are excited for a new season and new additions to their team. They worked hard at practice all summer and are prepared for this year. “Our team is very well held together and with all of the bonding we did over summer, we’re all like one big family and I can’t wait to take on this year with these girls by my side,” stated Annie Bennett

“For some of these freshman, it’s their first time being on a dance team or even their first time dancing. With that, they had to adjust and learn what it’s like to be a part of a hardworking team,” said sophomore Annie Bennett.

Over the summer, the girls had practices where they conditioned and worked on their technique. They also went over the basics so all of the girls can build up from where they are and exceed their limits. The varsity girls went to Painting With a Twist and the junior varsity girls went to Rockin Gelato.

An exciting new thing about the ‘Sugar Canes is their Nationals plans. In the past, the ‘Sugar Canes have only brought their varsity team to Nationals but this year they are bringing both JV and Varsity. The goal for them is that both of their routines place along with the solos.

At every home football game both teams perform at half time. Bennett also mentioned that fans and students should expect a lot of high energy and spirit during their routines as well as a feature performance from the varsity team. In the fall the annual Mr. Sugar Cane Show which is a fundraiser with nominated seniors boys and the team performing dances and fashion show sponsored by different stores and boutiques.

“The Junior Varsity team has come a long way compared to last year’s team, we’ve already got our first dance done, and we’re learning our second dance now. Our Varsity team has come a long way too by cleaning their features and learning their first nationals routine,” said Giraldo.

Despite being tired after school and wanting to go home and sleep, the girls use all of their practice time wisely and work as hard as they can so everything turns out perfect.