MHS Golf tee’s off in 2018

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MHS Golf tee’s off in 2018

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By: Kaitlyn Schafer, Reviews Editor

Manatee High School’s golf season has just started in August. Both the boys’ and the girls’ teams practice at the Pinebrook Golf Club in Ironwood Circle and at the Manatee County Golf Course on 53rd Ave. Practices have been occurring for the past three weeks and the players have been working on their putting, driving and chipping. The golf matches for both the boys’ and girls’ teams are during the month of September and through mid-October, unless the team continues on from Districts.

The Manatee Golf teams’ golf bags, given by Mark Bilter Photo credit: Kaitlyn Schafer

Mark Bilter, who teaches photography and art classes, coached the boys’ golf team for six years, and will coach the boys this year as well. The boys’ team has a total of eight people, many of them being returning players. Bilter has also acquired brand-new golf bags this season for both teams, who will now be able to sport their school spirit during matches and while practicing. When asked about coaching golf he stated:

“Oh, I love coaching golf, but I’m not liking this weather though. I think we may need to move the season a bit later in the year next year to avoid all of this rain.”

Daniella Gordic-Ronderos is our new girls’ golf coach and is also the new Spanish I and III teacher. Ronderos previously taught ESOL at Manatee High in 2017. Many of the players last year on the Lady Canes’ golf team graduated, leaving this years’ team to be a mostly-new one with a total of five players. Ronderos has been playing golf for almost all her life and she has stated that she cannot wait for this year’s girls’ golf season to start.

“I am so excited to be coaching the Lady Canes’ 2018 golf team! The golf course is practically my second home and I am so happy to be able to teach Manatee High students my favorite sport,” stated Ronderos.

The boys’ team’s next match will be against Bayshore High School on Sept. 11 at 3:00 P.M. For the girls, the first match will be against Palmetto High School on Sept. 11 at 3:00 P.M.