“Start with Hello” by Sandy Hook Promise

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“Start with Hello” by Sandy Hook Promise

Dallis Mullett, Staff Reporter

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On September 17, four assemblies were held in the auditorium by Sandy Hook Promise for their “Start with Hello” campaign. On December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary suffered a tragedy when they lost 26 staff and students.

Promising Presentation: Students listen intently to the speakers from Sandy Hook. They promoted inclusion of isolated students. “I liked the message,” said Emily Blanton. “It was really relevant to recent events.”


The school developed the “Start with Hello” campaign against student violence and have taken it across the country to spread kindness. The speakers explain that showing and expressing this simple kindness to others can create a better school environment and save lives. They have also launched another program where they elaborate on gun violence, both in and out of school and how to prevent it.

It can be done in three easy steps,

  1.  See someone alone
  2.  Reach out and help
  3.  Start with Hello

To learn more about Sandy Hook Promise and its mission, you can visit here.