Homecoming Court Nominees 2019-2020

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  • Homecoming Freshman Prince Nominee Landon Grimes

  • Homecoming Freshman Prince Nominee Elijah Hager

  • Homecoming Freshman Prince Nominee Liam Reilly

  • Homecoming Freshman Princess Nominee Maggie Walejko

  • Homecoming Freshman Princess Nominee Summer Walz

  • Homecoming Freshman Princess Nominee Kim "Amy" Phung

  • Homecoming Sophomore Prince Nominee Jason Berzowski

  • Homecoming Sophomore Prince Nominee Charlie Gonzalez

  • Homecoming Sophomore Prince Nominee Damon Williams

  • Homecoming Sophomore Prince Nominee Ethan Gause

  • Homecoming Sophomore Prince Nominee Devin Calderon

  • Homecoming Sophomore Princess Nominee Summer Prescott

  • Homecoming Sophomore Princess Nominee Lily Parsons

  • Homecoming Sophomore Princess Nominee Olivia Zeppi

  • Homecoming Junior Prince Nominee Irone Jackson

  • Homecoming Junior Princess Nominee Reyanna Troupe

  • Homecoming Junior Princess Nominee Jaclyn Gilman

  • Homecoming Queen Nominee Tationna Clark

  • Homecoming King Nominee Joseph Lui

  • Homecoming King Nominee Bryson Johnson

  • Homecoming King Nominee Riley Baugh

  • Homecoming King Nominee Axel Lepvreau and Homecoming Queen Nominee Shelby Eikel

  • Homecoming Queen Nominee Alyssa Ely

  • Homecoming Queen Nominee Allison Gierhart

  • Homecoming Queen Nominee Nina Aryal

  • Homecoming Queen Nominee Madison Gause

  • Homecoming Queen Nominee Ava Zink

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Not pictured:

Freshman Nominees:

Cedric Augustin

William Jackson

Jillian Loudermilk

Emma Parker

Sophomore Nominees:

Siana Noceda

Jabryel Wright

Junior Nominees:

Colin Fleece

Chance Hayward

Anthony Naranjo

Alex Quintero

Jessica Ibarra-Perez

Victoria Rodriguez

Maurely Williams

Arianna Williams

Senior Nominees:

Andrew Frazier

Napolean Harris

Ryan Ives

Justin Porter

Allan Rivas

Hunter Rodd

Sebastian Windham

Hannah Adams

Ashely Quiroz

Lluvia Rodriguez