It’s time to dance!

Dallis Mullett, Staff Reporter

As September came to an end, students ran through their homecoming to-do lists to ensure everything for the approaching event, our annual homecoming dance, was ready.

The homecoming theme this year had been “Out of this World” and was held on Sept. 28 in the school’s main gym from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Coming Together: Student council sets up the gym for the homecoming dance. It required both time in and out of school for the entire spectacle to come together. “I really liked this year’s theme,” said Jazmine Frazier. “The student council made it look really nice.”

On the Thursday, student council began preparing the gym for Saturday night. They set out handmade decorations, sprinkled tables with glow-sticks and flashy rings, and covered the walls with sparkling tinsel and lights. All of these elements came together to create a truly cosmic atmosphere.

Elegantly dresses students flooded into the gym. Music and flashing lights greeted them as they eagerly awaited to hand in their tickets and join the fun.

“I went with a group of friends,” said freshman Penelope May, “we planned out how we were going to take photos during spirit week and before the dance. It was a lot of fun.”

The dance is enjoyed by all grade levels and there is always a good time to be had. Both dancing and giving students a chance to be with fellow peers in a school environment that is not the classroom can be a wonderful experience, especially for those who are new to the school or attending their first dance.

Dance to the music: Groups of friends dance around the gym as the music plays. This was a long-awaited among students and their peers. “I think just being out in the gym and dancing with my friends was the best part,” said Jamie Fischer.

“If you decide to go, I’d suggest going with friends,” said sophomore Zachary Christman. “If you’re newer to the school, the dance is a great way to make friends too.”

All in all, the 2019 homecoming dance was a success with both staff and students and everything came together to form a night that was indeed out of this world.