Take a breather


Work, work, work Madame Marshall teaches her French 2 class “le passé composé”. Students had to memorize and take a quiz on Le passé composé. “I get stressed out in French class and one thing that stresses me out is blanking out on tests. . .I usually just take a deep breath, try to refresh my mind quickly and do the best that I can,” stated sophomore Maggie Carter.

Sandra Martinez, Staff Reporter

Stress occurs when one overloads themselves with too much information or things to do at once. On the other hand, stress can also be a good thing by helping one learn how to manage it and turning it into something useful, like motivation.

Stress can be a motivator by how or when people respond to it. For example the ‘flight-or-fight” concept of it. This response is whether one deals with the problem, or just ignores it. However, it can be harmful if there are too many things causing stress. If there is too much stress, it can hurt a person’s mental and physical health.

Stressed Out: Yamilet Leon, a sophomore, works on her English homework. She has spent many late night in order to complete assignments.”The fact that there is a lot of homework. I deal with it by planning my time carefully and doing what’s most important first.” stated Leon.

It can affect them emotionally by having several feelings at once, such as making them feel gloomy or get easily annoyed. That may cause students to not want to do anything such as exercising, any school work, or just getting out of bed. One can use their past assignments and use the experience to discipline themselves. 

Homework is usually one of the biggest causes as to why students have a lot of stress. Having seven different classes and teachers can lead to piling up on homework all the time same time.

“I think giving out less homework would help,” stated junior Adrianna Lascuola.

Homework is not the only thing that may cause stress in a student’s life but also the fact that some students may work out of school. Having work can affect their time management, depending on how many hours they work. Some other activities that may cause stress may be sports or clubs. One can manage all of this by using some type of planner accordingly.

“I’m in a bunch of AP and honor classes along with a bunch of clubs, including HOSA, and so all the work on top of that makes me stress out. I try to work on my time management skills,” stated sophomore Anisha Aryal.

Everyone has their own unique way of controlling or releasing their stress. The most common technique is by taking deep breaths. Other examples might be exercising, taking a nap, taking a hot shower, or just listening to music.

“Take a yoga class, read a book, sit in a quiet room, turn off the screens,” stated Mr.Michael Brynes, the nurse.

Even though it may seem that exercising will not help the body, it in fact helps by relieving mental stress. According to Heathline, those who exercise are less likely to have anxiety. When listening to music it is best to listen to calm, soothing music. It can help lower the heart rate as well as the hormones.

“I usually sing when I’m stressed,” stated freshman Aylee Roblero-Garcia.