A Piece of Panera


Josh Shepherd, Staff Reporter

A fresh start This is the current, modern interior of the new Panera Bread. Panera used to have a more lounge-inspired look. “It’s a nice change of pace from the old style,” said senior Kiara Fulk.

Panera Bread opened the doors of its second Bradenton location on Sept 22, 2019, with a temporarily limited menu.

As many know, an overwhelming amount of Panera Bread locations are dominated by their trademark midcentury lounge interiors. Their color scheme, layout, and decor all suggest a welcoming vibe. However, this Panera Bread breaks away from the usual style. The exposed ceiling lends to a sort of openness found inside this location that exists within no other. The golden brown of the wood furniture and large open windows light the interior of this location. It makes for a great look.

The broccoli and cheddar soup and a whole Cuban sandwich are some of the best items on menu. The sandwich comes with chips, the soup some bread and a soda is sold separately. The Cuban sandwich was a crunchy and hearty delight to bite into, as was the bread. The soup was a robust blend of amazing taste and a perfectly creamy texture that dazzled the senses. An ice cold Pepsi and some chips frame the meal perfectly.

At almost $20, the food was a bit pricey and portions were small, but it was tasty and filling meal. The wait for food is brief, it comes out hot and is consistently flavorful. Service is not bad either, and is typically quick and friendly.

The presence of a Panera Bread in this part of Bradenton gives hope. In an area of town where property prices are rising and buildings are growing old, it is a nice change to such see a contemporary and clean cut restaurant serving delicious food.