You won’t dread “The Night of the Living Dead”


Hayleigh Sexton, Staff Reporter

Throughout the Halloween season, the fall play’s crew perfects their zombie walks as it is slowly creeping upon them. The drama department meets to rehearse “The Night of the Living Dead,” every Tuesday and Thursday. However, the closer they get to opening night, the more rigorous the rehearsals become. The zombies initially rehearsed separate from the leads, but because of the approaching showtime, they are rehearsing together.

Attack of the Zombies- Two siblings fighting for their lives against the living dead. Max sorba and Maddie Coleman rehearsed being eaten by zombie, Nirgpgi Elswick in, “The Night of the Living Dead.” “I knew this year would be the best to do this because I finished my masters and I have time,” said Ms. Catell.

When the actors and actresses get the role, they receive a list of what scene they will be practicing on which day after school; they begin with blocking  then rehearsing the actual scene multiple times. This play is the first time Ms. Catell and Mr. Scott have directed together on a momentous piece. They decided to co-direct because they both have the same perspective on many viewpoints of the play.  They chose, “The Night of the Living Dead” as the fall play because Ms. Catell completed her masters and preferred to direct a play that had a special concept in her heart. The play takes place in late November so she has the time to prepare and perfect the concept.

“I feel like when an art teacher who loves horror and a theater teacher loves horror, it creates an interesting result,said Ms. Catell, the theater teacher.

Every good play comes with obstacles the actors have to overcome individually; memory is their biggest obstacle before opening day. They have not started rehearsing the full play without the books, although they are in the perfect place for the schedule they are on. The actors and actresses are still grasping the process of the rehearsal because they started in late September. Many of them look forward to overcoming their obstacles and becoming efficient in the play.

“Memorization is a little bit difficult other than that I made more friends,” stated Maddie Keagan, who plays Judy.

It is safe to say that, “Night of the Living Dead” will be a success by opening day. All their hard work will be shown off to their fellow classmates and friends on November 15, 16, and 17. It will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. The play on Sunday is mainly for those who could not make it to the night showings, hence why it begins at 2:00 pm. “The Night of the Living Dead”, will be brought to life on opening night.