Caroline Lehman

Jocelyn Leal, Editor-in-Chief


Lehman started running in sixth grade to keep her in shape for lacrosse season in the spring, continuing through seventh grade as well. She eventually became invested in running and now it is her soul sport.

“Yeah, I do track then [spring] instead of lacrosse,” stated Lehman.

She also has big goals and dreams not only for this season but for her future as well. Lehman wants to run for a college team after she graduates  and each mile is toward that goal. This year she is striving to be top three at states, as well as top sophomore to keep the title from top freshman from last year.

“Last year I got sixth, I want to be top sophomore. I was top freshman last year and I want to keep it.”

I’ve improved in both physical and mental aspects… like you know you’re going to be fine after a race and you shouldn’t stress about it.”

— Caroline Lehman

Working diligently to keep in shape, Lehman cross trains, often swimming or biking to keep her body healthy. In addition to this, she also takes ice baths and does a lot of stretching, both before and after working out.

In order to perform well at states, Lehman has to extend her season later than the rest of her teammates but she believes all the hard work pays off.

“It’s really rewarding because we’ve worked hard for months and then to be able to go up there and compete is great,” stated Lehman.