System overhaul includes a LOUD Monday morning change

Noah Quillan, Editor-in-chief

As of Oct 28, the sounding of a new bell caught the attention of students from anywhere they may have been on campus. After months of on and off again bell issues, a new system was put in place, though it has not been getting much positive feedback from students and faculty.

“I really do not like the new bells. It makes me feel like I’m in a prison,” stated junior Chelsea Brown. “It’s ear piercing,” Brown added.

The bell has been changed in response to the previous system being damaged by water. When the piping was put underground 15-20 years ago, Dr. Francis said that over time, it has been infiltrated with water and has caused interruption to the main intercom system and the bells. Francis added that the new system was not supposed to come until next school year but do to the severity, it had to be fixed sooner.

Creating Confusion: The new phone system creates a lot of confusion. All extensions have been changed and is not user friendly. “The sound of the phone ringing sounds so weird and different,” stated Lexi Rodgers (11).

“I’ve heard that it got changed because the first bell got damaged by water. My opinion on the new bell is that they need to find a different tone for it. It sounds like a drill going on,” stated freshman Leigh-Anne Peake.

On Halloween evening, Principal David Underhill sent a message out to all students homes, explaining that there was a potential threat posted on social media as a result of the new bell sound. He also mentioned about there being word on a walk-out during second period on Friday, Nov 1. He stated that the threat was being taken seriously and is being thoroughly investigated and that the walkout is considered a “classroom disruption” and will be handled accordingly for those who attended.

“There is still some investigation, mainly from the Bradenton Police Department,” stated Dr. Francis. She also said that this originated from a meme that was posted on social media.

This new system comes shortly after the classroom phones were changed into higher-tech versions. The phones now have school safety buttons implemented into them. There is a button on the new phones that creates a schoolwide lockdown. That button is only to be pushed if a student or faculty member sees an alarming threat and believes that there needs to be an immediate lockdown. If the button is falsely pushed, there are severe punishments put in place. This feature is still, however, being adjusted to ensure that it does not accidentally get pushed. There are plans to add an access code to help prevent this.

“It will not be intentionally pushed,” stated Dr. Francis.

The bells are still being tweaked, just as many students have noticed over the course of the week. Dr. Francis said that they are still looking at other options for the sound and definitely understand the frustration it has caused throughout the week.