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Leah Cumberland, Staff Reporter

Garnet & Gold: Florida State University is a public university that not only participates in our college fair but their admissions officers also come and talk to our students specifically about their school. FSU was here on Oct. 22. “I toured the college last year, I love this school and the campus is beautiful,” stated Andrew Seegar (12).

A majority of students would like to attend college in the fall after they graduate, but many do not know what to do to get there. Many colleges visit our school and discuss the requirements to not only get into college but into a specific university that they would like to attend. Some of the colleges who visit are Florida Gulf Coast University, University of South Florida, University of Alabama, Florida State University and State College of Florida. Each year in September there is also a college fair where around 50 colleges come and set up a table in the main gym to answer any questions students have and provide information for them to look over.

When the college representatives visit, upperclassmen can be open and ask any questions in a small familiar setting.

” Students should listen to what the college representatives have to say about the application process, student life, financial aid and scholarships. By listening to what the admission officers have to say, they’ll know if that certain school is a good fit for them,” said college and career counselor, Mrs. Norris.

The seniors who attend should be asking what needs to be included with their applications for the schools that they are applying to, while the juniors should be asking about majors, internships and when they can go for an open house visit or tour the campus. Students are encouraged to tour as many universities as possible so they can figure out what feels like home and what has the best offers and has their best interests.

When students start to look at colleges, they should see what would be the best fit for them personally, academically and financially.

“For students to know what they truly want they need to go to the campus and experience it first hand,” said Mrs. Norris.