A day at the market


Downtown Bradenton hosts a market for everyone to come and support small businesses every Saturday afternoon from 10 a.m through 2 p.m. Normally people do not think too far into detail on how these smaller, local businesses come to be and the importance of supporting them but there is a lot more to them then what the average person knows.

The benefits of supporting small businesses are contributing to leaving a minor carbon footprint which is healthier for the environment, supporting neighbors and allowing the community to grow closer together. The market offers a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, hand-made clothes, personal appliances, hand-made jewelry, plants and more.

“I like it because its something to do on a Saturday morning, to get to walk around, people watching, and experiencing the live music.” said Ms.Catell, who enjoys visiting the market.

Small businesses tend to not get much attention in the area. To combat this, having family-friendly markets in downtown helps them not only grow by selling their products but by word of mouth too.

Busy Bee’s- The Florida Apiary sets up an outdoor booth at the market to promote their honey business outside of their own store. They were passionate and did much research on their larger business competitors to make their honey one of a kind. “What most people don’t know is that almost all larger businesses that sell honey contain ingredients such as glucose, molasses, sugar syrup, flour, corn syrup, starch, or any other similar product” stated Alex Ionita, the owner of the company.

Many opportunities up-rise within local businesses by offering jobs to people who may not be able to get employed by larger corporations. Volunteers often lend a hand to smaller businesses to give extra help, especially at markets, or donate any supplies they may need.

“The benefits of supporting local businesses is that we are local people in our community so the money was making here were also spending locally in the community so it’s like a full circle,” Alex Ionita, a local honey bee apiary owner expresses.

Beyond The Plants-  Chris Hardison is a local plant grower and has a variety of flowers and herbs to pick from. Many different people visited his booth who are both plant enthusiasts. “There’s a lot of nice friendly people who come down and like to buy unusual products and plants, I enjoy talking to everyone”Chris Hardison  addressed

One of the most important factors of having a local market is the huge, positive impact it has on the environment. By having it in a central location such as downtown, it gives more of an advantage for people to either walk or bike to it, reducing car exhaust polluting the air.

Large businesses tend to leave pesticide residue on their foods, mass produce products to extreme amounts and pollute the air along with many other negative impacts.

Typically the money local businesses earn while at markets goes straight to helping their families and producing more of their products as well as into the community.

“Its nice for me because people are chilling, walking around, and i like to do some people watching. For me its more of the atmosphere then it is for the actual savings.” stated Mr. Scott, the art teacher.