Voyage for volunteer hours


Hayleigh Sexton, Staff Reporter

Students are attempting to learn where to receive volunteer hours; individual universities and scholarships require a specific amount of service hours. Thankfully, there are volunteering opportunities for those who do not know where to start, here are some examples of where to begin looking.

Blake Medical center partners with the Medical Academy for the students to receive specific hours for that. While the Medical Academy students are the central volunteers, Blake Medical still accepts students who are not in the program. Students who actively participate in this volunteer opportunity can receive nearly 300 hours. They get to be included in watching surgeries while learning how to attend to patients in costumer service. Blake Medical Center is the most popular way that students receive volunteer hours. Manatee Memorial is another well known place to receive volunteer hours. To apply to become a volunteer at Manatee Memorial, go to the volunteer office and ask for an application, ask a teacher for a letter of recommendation, and choose a department to shadow in. The minimum service hours to receive in one week as a volunteer is four.

“Blake provided great experience with making the patients satisfied, recently I had the opportunity to observe abdominal and chest closure as a shadow student,” said senior Aaliyah Guthrie.

Scrub It Away: Preparing for her future while volunteering senior, Bedline Demetrius works with the Manatee Memorial Hospital. Medical students tend to lean more towards medical centers to volunteer because of their interest in that field. “Everyday is not really the same, sometimes you are behind a computer entering data collected but also just walking around and seeing the different activities happening and witnessing different things,” said Demetrius.


Another organization is Westminster Manor, this is an assistant senior living facility located on 21st Avenue. They continuously have opportunities for volunteers to come in and help, playing games or doing puzzles. For inquiries on volunteering at Westminster, contact Marina Anderson, the volunteer coordinator.

The Manatee Public Library is always willing to have students volunteer; one would have to register online here. Find the departments, then go to Manatee Library, then click “about Manatee Libraries,” scroll to, “become a volunteer,” and complete the application. The responsibilities of the participants include checking books in and out helping repair books, and doing computer work. An average of volunteering hours at a public library for a week would be at least six hours.

Two days every three months, the Suncoast Blood Bank comes to the school to have participating students and teachers donate blood. Most people know about process; however, there is more to donate than just blood, and that is time. They allow students to volunteer during the school day to get a maximum of eight service hours; this is relatively efficient for those students who cannot find service hours outside of school. This program offers a scholarship for those who donate and volunteer every blood drive. To become a volunteer is fairly easy; students have to ask one of the blood recruiters if they can volunteer at the blood drive. The recruiters will give a yellow pass that says, “volunteer” instead of a name, and they will let them choose which day and time work the best in their schedule.

“It was real easy getting into volunteering with the Blood drive bus, I volunteer right after I donate,” said senior Devon Burke.