Fresh face on drum line


Jocelyn Leal, Editor-in-Chief

Piano, ukulele, guitar, drums, you name it; she can play it. Freshman Tatiana Clegg has music in her blood, a fact that has helped make her this year’s baseline captain on the drum line. After initially being nervous about trying out for drum line, she now knows it was a great decision that introduced her to a brand new family where everyone has each other’s back.

Clegg started percussion in band class in sixth grade, which was an accident since she did not know she got three electives in middle school and put down band as her third choice. The class was not hard for her, though, as her family is extremely musical. Her father used to be the drummer in a band, and they had a drum set in their garage, so Clegg grew up around percussion.

“So my dad was a drummer when I was younger, and we have a drum set in the garage, so it’s always been a big part of my family, who is very musical. We play all sorts of things in the house, and we all sing,” stated Clegg.

March to the Beat- Freshman Tatiana Clegg is a new face to drum line this year on base drum. She initially tried out for the snare drum and was disappointed when she did not get it. “I wanted snare, but I made base and at the time, I was kind of disappointed because I wanted snare but I got on base, and I’m actually really enjoying it. It’s a lot of fun!” said Clegg.

While Clegg was good at drum line in middle school, it was not her favorite thing in the world. She disliked that they just had a few practices and then showed up to gigs to perform, so the camaraderie with the rest of the line just was not there. Now, she can not imagine high school without drum line.

“Everyone has everyone’s back, if there is something up like if someone’s having family problems, you can go to anyone in the line you can talk to them and they won’t go blabbing everything they know about you to everyone else… everyone cares about everyone,” said Clegg.

Becoming the leader of baseline was not Clegg’s plan, but she has given it her all. She has to learn all of the cadences before the rest of baseline, so if any of them need help, she will be sure to know.

“I’ve had to work extra hard to learn things quicker than everyone, I need to know them so I can teach everyone else, so like we just got a new cadence the other day, and I’m working extra hard to make sure I can play it, so when someone comes to me and says ‘hey what is this rhythm?’ I can tell them. It’s a lot of work,” stated Clegg.

Being baseline captain may be a lot of work, but Clegg has handled it well by taking on the role of a leader with grace and helping everyone understand the music.

“Tatiana does many things well as leader, she helps people understand the music and helps other people by being a great friend,” Jonah Best, a sophomore on drumline said.