A-Team puts the “A” in academics


Kaitlyn Schafer, Reviews, Features. and Editorials editor

For students who love the sciences and trivia in history or literature, the Academic Team is the perfect club. Academic Team or “A-Team” is a club that participates in meets against different schools in Manatee County along with, St. Stephens, once every month to compete in a variety of subjects. The club is run by Mr. Murray, and the meetings take place after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’: Mr. Murray feels confident in the team this year. Many members will graduate this year so Mr. Murray is looking towards perspective members. “This club sounded like a really fun thing to do at school. I knew some people who’ve participated in this club in the past and since Mr. Murray runs it, I knew I’d have the best time participating as well,” said senior Isaac Garrett.

Anyone can attend these meets to watch what happens between the schools. The top six scores from students in the district enable them to move onto larger competitions for the state.

During the meets, the members get in groups of four. They must work as quickly as possible to prevent the other team from finishing the question first. Either in their head or figuring it out on a piece of paper, the students must find the answer and then hit a buzzer. Whichever team gets the question right is awarded a certain amount of points, depending on the complexity of the question.

Past Manatee High A-Team member and now A-Team coordinator Mr. Murray shared,

“A goal of ours every year is to win the all-county team competition, which is a possibility for us this year. Always another goal every year is to get more people to join the team, especially underclassmen. People should join A-Team if they love being challenged and if they enjoy flexing and expanding their knowledge and if they love answering trivia questions.”

For those students who want to join a club that includes a close-knit group of people, they should join A-Team. This club provides a challenge that is outside the normal curriculum for the average class.

“We definitely share some good laughs in this club, there is a lot of inside jokes and it’s just a very inclusive group of people. It’s actually really cool to just be plain nerdy with your friends in this club,” stated senior Isabella Sanchez.

Manatee’s Blue squad is currently ranked fifth place out of seventeen schools. Their last meet was on Tues. Dec 11, in which they scored second place with top scorer Anthony Cabrerra now moving onto states at Disney Orlando.