Wrapping up playoffs


Hayleigh Sexton, Staff Reporter

The football team lost to Venice, 17-34, in the third round of the playoffs. They beat the Indians in the season 30-11.  Venice quarterback reportedly returned to the team, and it made a crucial difference.

While Venice made significant changes to their football team, our football team maintained the same proven practices and traditions. When preparing for the third round of playoffs, the team focused more on the process of perfecting the tested playbook. On the other hand, Venice was one step ahead and planned not to have another loss to our football team. The game was competitive and kept the watchers on their toes.

“Our preparation has been the same, we don’t really like to break our tradition or our consistency in what we do,” said Coach Shakir.

Determined Players- Linebacker Nathan Hyman, makes one of his final moves in the last game of the season. The football team lost their playoff game to Venice. “I didn’t like the end results of the game, I felt that we stopped trying and gave up once Venice started to score,” said Andres Duarte-Ponce (10).

In the first quarter, the football team fought hard as they stood their ground against the Indians in the packed Hawkins Stadium. By the end of the first quarter, they were tied, making it anyone’s game. In the second quarter, Venice came out strong. Venice scored 14-3 leading into halftime. At that point, the hurricanes knew they had to work even harder than the Venice. The third round seemed to be close-cut for both of the teams. However, when it came towards the end of the third quarter, Venice took the lead and possibly the whole game. The score in the third quarter was 6-0. While the football players played the hardest to their ability and stayed positive, they tied the fourth quarter at 7-7.  When the final score came out it, the audience was astonished at the sight of the Hurricane’s loss. The final score was 34-17, and Venice scored over 400 yards. The third round of the playoffs was lost, and Venice went on to the semi-finals.

While this was the last game of the season and it was a loss, not everyone was upset. The football players and everyone else who contributes to the games are very proud of the season they have had. The team won eight games and lost five games, which was an impressive season. It was the end to a great season, filled with positivity and hard work. As the football team comes to rest for the season, their memories and wins will be cherished until next season and forward.

“I am disappointed, but I am proud of how far we came this year in football,” said Ephram Edelkind (11).