Singing in the holidays


Sweater Weather-During the intermission, the chorus change into Christmas sweaters to get into the holiday spirit. The second half of the performance was solos featuring different students, with the rest of chorus sitting around like it was a Christmas story. “It was a good time,” said sophomore Thomas Heckler.

Jocelyn Leal, Editor-in-Chief

On the first day back from fall break, students were treated to a night of festive fun by the Manatee chorus program, bringing in the winter season with their annual holiday concert. The concert, held on Monday, Dec 2, was a way for the chorus classes, led by Mr. Jomisko, to show what they have been working on all semester.

The program featured a medley of holiday performances from men’s choir, women’s choir and the chorus program as a whole. The show also featured specific students for solos, including Evette Hudson, David Kochaniec, Megan Shoemaker, Josephine MacDaniel, Ashia Dunwoody, Emma Reed, and Charlie Melton, creating a festive atmosphere like Christmas stories were being told.