Tis’ the season for the Winter Showcase


Whole new world Mrs. Babroski's fourth period dance along to "Prince Ali" a song in "Aladdin". They have been rehearsing for about two months. "This isn't my first time, so I'm not nervous," stated sophomore Amrie Fields.

Sandra Martinez, Staff Reporter

All of Mrs. Babroski’s dance classes have been rehearsing for the Winter Showcase. Last year’s theme was, “The Greatest Showman,”  however, this year’s theme consists of the world of Disney. Therefore, all the songs performed this year will be from a variety of different beloved Disney movies. Some of the songs that they will perform will come from films such as “Moana,” “Aladdin,” “Cars,” “The Lion King,” “Princess and the Frog” and “High School Musical.”

The Winter Showcase will be on Dec. 16 at 6:30 p.m., located in the auditorium in the Davis Building.

“For Winter Showcase, I asked my company class to pick some themes. The theme that they picked was Disney. For the majority of the choreography, I came up with of it, but the kids also helped with some of it,” said Winter Showcase coordinator and dance teacher Mrs. Babroski.