A glimpse into the future

A glimpse into the future

Mary-Grace Graham, Staff Reporter

Throughout December, school choice applications are open to anyone wishing to switch out of their districted school.

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, school choice night was held in the courtyard for current 8th graders. It is designed to help the middle schoolers determine if Manatee is right for them and give them an idea of the different programs offered. Principal David Underhill and other administrators were also there to answer anything.

“What we are doing is the choice night, so [students and parents] can come and visit us to see some of the activities and hear some of the requirements we have to come here,” stated Underhill.

Many of the clubs and classes offered were represented on the night of the event. Band, orchestra, JROTC, drama club, student council, and mock trial were a few of the many organizations available. Students were ready to answer any questions that were asked about their elective or extracurricular activities. Each club or class had a table set up and provided anything from brochures to food to make the visitors feel informed and welcomed.

“Drama club was my favorite table because I’m a theater kid and I’ve done it since third grade. I’ve always loved the aspect of performing on stage,” stated Lily, an 8th grader attending Rowlett Middle Academy.

Get Informed- Medical Academy is extremely popular, especially for incoming freshmen. Senior Matthew Swanson and other students in the program gave information and answered the questions of students and parents on school choice night. “There are some programs that will sometimes help you get choiced to a particular high school like STEM Academy or Medical Academy,” stated Principal Underhill.

Students from all over showed up to this event and got a feel for the school. As they walked from table to table, they formed their opinions and thought about whether this was the right place for them. The wide variety of clubs and activities made it easy for almost everyone to feel a sense of belonging. By the end of the night, most students had already made their decision about if they should submit their application to choice to Manatee.

“It changed my perspective from my first opinion that Manatee may not have been good for me, but now I know that it is a good fit for me,” stated Josiah Sanders, an 8th grader districted for Southeast.

All in all, school choice night was a huge success; now, all that is left is to turn those school choice applications in.