Open house for class of 2024


Excitement filled the air as the new uprising freshman filled the courtyard on Dec 10, exploring their interests they may want to pursue throughout their high school years. The importance of the open house is to show the underclassmen what to look forward to once they reach high school and how to prepare themselves when the time comes. At the event, many clubs and extra curricular activities like JROTC, student council, z-club, and culinary were present.

“I like the energy. It’s really fun here and my hopes when I become a student here are to get good credits.” said Brandy Ferdilo, a underclassmen touring the campus.

Spreading Spirit- Student council has some of the most school spirit around campus and wants nothing more but to make a glorious impression on the up-rising freshmen. They set up a festive booth and welcomed everyone interested to join they’re team .”Students should come to Manatee because we have the biggest sense of a family, school spirit, and student involvement more then any other school,” stated Kiara Folk, a member of student council.