Disney Showcase

Hayleigh Sexton, Staff Reporter

Driving into winter break- Dancing their hearts away as their family’s cheer them on. The dance department put on their winter showcase for the season. “My favorite part about performing is all the energy from every dancer as we all finish the dances and see the joy on everyone’s face that we all did that,” said Lexi Rogers (11).

On Thursday evening, the dance department put on a catchy, enthusiastic showcase that featured various songs from Disney movies. The beginner class arranged a dance to a collection of Moana songs, while the intermediate class made arrangements for the Lion King.

The Varsity Sugar ‘Canes brought out paint and threw it on their shirts as they moved like the colors in the wind. The final act of the night was when the entire dance department formed together to chant to High School Musical. Their family’s could be heard from a distance as they cheered with joy for their children whom were in the showcase. The dance department’s next performance will be at the art slam in March.