Max Weisglass-the story if a Holocaust survivor


Mary-Grace Graham, Staff Reporter

Friday, November 13, we were honored to have Max Weisglass, a holocaust survivor, stand among us. As he told his story, eyes were opened to the many challenges Jews faced during WWII and the Holocaust.

Born in September 1936 in Poland, Weisglass lived through WWII. His Jewish family was moved to the ghettos when he was young. There, they formulated a plan and ended up meeting a gracious family who dug a bunker and allowed Weisglass, his mom, his dad, and a doctor stay underground on their property, even though they risked being killed for hiding Jews. Because of the generosity of this family, Weisglass and his family were able to hide and they avoided being taken to the death camps. Though they faced starvation and did not see the light of day for 10 months while hiding, he made it out alive and is able to share his honorable story today.

“The fact that they saved was was a remarkable thing. A miraculous thing, actually,” stated Weisglass, as he remembered the family that saved their lives.

Powerful Powerpoint Weisglass recalls his past and how he survived the Holocaust. Throughout the presentation, he had corresponding slides with diagrams and more information regarding his story. “This shows the bunker that we lived in for a total time of 10 months,” pointed out Weisglass.