Wrestling with tradition

Sandra Martinez, Staff Reporter

The wrestling team has had a great beginning to their season. With new and returning wrestlers getting back onto the mat, one of the main goals that each wrestler has is trying to either win states or team-states.

“We always start off with an academic goal, to have a GPA of a 3.0. Then we have a team goal to make it to team states. We also have a bunch of individual goals. I would like to get four guys to finish in the top six in their weight class and have three guys in the finals. I really would like to have two state championships this year,” stated Coach Gugliemini.

Over the years, the team has worked harder and harder to become the best. They have had many wins as well as loses. However, not only can the times that they are defeated encourage them to keep on improving but also the times that they win. They will practice each day for two hours a day. The practices consist of them working on their stamina and techniques, such as pinning people or just getting their opponent on their back. Some of the techniques are sit out and stretch, inside and outside the cradle, barbwire and Oklahoma. Each day they will come up with new ways to get their opponent onto their backs and work skills needed to improve.

Many of the wrestlers have had a passion for wrestling since they were young kids. They have been wrestling for several years. Bryson Johnson, a senior, has been wrestling for four years. He started when he was a young kid but was only in it for a few weeks. He then started to get more serious in the sport as soon as he got into high school.

“Family motivated me and the fact that I really didn’t have much friends when I got into high school, so I thought that I should join a sport and make more,” said Johnson. To be able to join the wrestling team and to compete, one must have a GPA above a 2.0, have a physical and do some paperwork.

Their next upcoming match will be on Jan. 24/25, they will be state duels at 4/10 p.m. vs. Kissimmee Osceola.

Go to the mat: Wrestlers spaw daily at practice. Lukens’s father influenced him to be a wrestler. “My goal for this year is to make it to states,” Lukens stated.